How Our Organisation Is Funded

MABF does not receive funding at the present time and in order to operate fully from March 2018 funds will need to be found to cover the operating costs of the office and its staff. (Around £30,000 per annum)

Some of the people contacting MABF are desperate to talk to someone who can help them through their pain and sorrow.

Others may only need leaflets and information so they know that the emotions they are going through are normal.

Either way, MABF can help – by providing a bereavement counsellor to talk to or the reassurance of an informative leaflet.

MABF members are normal people, but they are also remarkable.

They are carefully selected and well trained to help those devastated by bereavement.

They are also fully supported to cope with work which can be emotionally draining and requires real commitment.

It costs money to give our members training and continued support and to enable them to represent MABF.

We estimate that for every person contacting MABF, it costs £15 for each initial contact and then there are ‘on costs’ for follow up’s.

Donations can be made to the MABF online or your gift can be sent direct to our office by cheque, we recommend you refrain from sending cash in the post.

A donation can be made in memory or in honour of someone.

A special card can be sent to them or their family in recognition of your gift. For further details on this, please contact our office.